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Advantages of PMSM Fan
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High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) Fan
HVLS fans are designed to circulate the air in your facility more efficiently and effectively. They now are found in a wide variety of industrial, commercial and agricultural spaces.

Advantages of PMSM Fan

Energy-saving ventilation industrial ceiling fan, with its own advantages, occupies a larger market in the field of fans, making the living and working environment more comfortable and pleasant. In addition, the energy-saving ventilation industrial fans with good brand began to be equipped with the PMSM Fan, and the advantages of PMSM Fan products were further expanded. Let's introduce the advantages of PMSM Fan.

Advantages of using PMSM Fan

The first advantage: easy to control and adjust speed

The PMSM Fan can maintain its magnetic field without external energy, so the internal magnetic field of the motor will be relatively stable, and the output parameters will be stable. When the PMSM Fan is installed on the energy-saving ventilation industrial fan, the industrial fan will have corresponding advantages. So in the using process of energy-saving ventilation PMSM Fan, it is more convenient to control and adjust speed, and convenient to use.

The second advantage: longer service life

The PMSM Fan motor will not lose field due to too high or too low temperature, so the corresponding energy-saving ventilation PMSM Fan can be used all the time when the motor remains normal, and of course, the quality of other parts of the industrial fan is ensured to be up to standard. Compared with other types of energy-saving ventilation PMSM ceiling fan, only from this point can prove that the service life of industrial fans using permanent-magnet motors is longer.

The third advantage: low cost

Because of the simple structure and technology, the total cost of the PMSM Fan is generally lower than that of the electro-magnetic motor, so when using the PMSM Fan, this part of the cost saving can be used in the production cost of the whole PMSM Fan. Because the overall cost of energy-saving ventilation PMSM Fan is composed of the cost of various parts, the reduction of motor cost is equivalent to the reduction of PMSM Fan cost.

This paper briefly introduces the advantages of energy-saving ventilation industrial fan using  PMSM Fan. Through the introduction of several advantages, we can see that the advantages of using PMSM Fan are very obvious. The advantage is a booster for the development of energy-saving ventilation industrial fans. In the future, the advantages will be further expanded to bring better enjoyment to more fields.

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