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Analysis of the Reasons for the Slowdown of Factory Ceiling Fan
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Analysis of the Reasons for the Slowdown of Factory Ceiling Fan

1. The governor is broken

If it is a new purchase, it may be that the governor of the factory ceiling fan is broken.

2. Oil shortage of the bearing

If the fan bearing is short of oil, it can be oiled (with butter). If there is a short circuit between turns, the motor will overheat, so it should be wound from the beginning. Judge whether there is a problem with the bearing and listen to the sound. If there is a problem with the bearing, call a professional repair personnel to repair it.

3. Capacitance drop

Most household appliances are powered by single-phase power supply, but for electric appliances with motors, it is necessary to have two-phase or more power supply. What should we do? The designer has long thought that in single-phase circuit, a large capacitance is connected in parallel, because the large capacitance has a lag effect on the current (the circuit with capacitance is 90 degrees after the current without capacitance), so that the original one-phase input becomes two phases, the motor can work normally. This is the principle of all the single-phase household appliances we use.

If the capacitance value becomes small or the oil shortage friction is large or between turns circuit is short, the capacitance value becomes small, which can appropriately increase the capacitance value, but not too large, otherwise the temperature of the motor will increase, which will affect the service life of the motor. This is a synchronous motor, the rotate speed is determined by the frequency of the power supply. If there is no page for 100 turns, it will also be 100 turns after the blade is installed. If there are more leaves installed, the load is overweight, the motor cannot be started, and the tension spring repeatedly assists in starting.

In large-scale energy-saving factories, the natural breeze generated by ceiling fans blows on the human body, promoting the evaporation of sweat to take away heat, thus cooling the human body and bringing cool feeling. Usually, this cooling feeling can reach 5-8℃. The three-dimensional natural breeze blown by ceiling fans in large factories makes the human body more comfortable because: on the one hand, the three-dimensional blowing on the human body in all directions makes the evaporation area of human body reach the maximum.

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