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Big HVLS Fans Effectively Solve the Ventilation Problem of Workshop
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High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) Fan
HVLS fans are designed to circulate the air in your facility more efficiently and effectively. They now are found in a wide variety of industrial, commercial and agricultural spaces.

Big HVLS Fans Effectively Solve the Ventilation Problem of Workshop

1. The importance of big HVLS fans

In the hot summer, the sun shines directly on the workshop with many machines and dense employees. The high temperature of the workshop is so unbearable for workers that they often consume too much physical energy and even suffer from heatstroke. How to reduce the temperature of the workshop in summer has become a problem that must be solved. 

Generally, big HVLS fans refer to large-size fans, which are mainly used in enterprise workshops, warehouses and large storage centers. They are designed according to the principle of air convection and negative pressure ventilation and are often installed in places with poor ventilation. They can quickly discharge stagnant hot air, unfavorable smell, black smoke and foul air out of the workshop in short time, and reduce the indoor temperature to the same as the outdoor temperature, or even lower than the outdoor temperature. Moreover, the big HVLS fans may promote the air flow and increase the number of air changes per hour to create a fresh and comfortable working environment for workers, thoroughly eliminate such problems as indoor sultry, unfavorable odor, black smoke, foul air and so on. They can increase the overall working efficiency, and make every worker more healthy.

2. Advantages of big HVLS fans

Big HVLS fans have a strong and reliable power system as well as a stable, safe, efficient and flexible control system. From R&D to production, we can feel the good quality of them. In addition, big HVLS fans have many advantages over ordinary fans in cooling, comfort degree, ventilation effect, coverage and energy saving. Big HVLS fans have been promoted and widely used in airports, logistics centers, large factories, stadiums, Wal Mart, etc. With extremely low cost, workers can work in the cool environment, greatly reduce their energy consumption, and their physical and mental health will be greatly guaranteed, so as to improve the efficiency of the factory and make enterprises get better benefits.

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