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Correct Installation Sequence for Large Industrial Fans
High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) Fan
HVLS fans are designed to circulate the air in your facility more efficiently and effectively. They now are found in a wide variety of industrial, commercial and agricultural spaces.
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Correct Installation Sequence for Large Industrial Fans

As we all know, there are many benefits of installing big air industrial fans in various industries. Whether the installation sequence of large industrial fans is correct will directly affect the safety issues in future use. So, what should be the correct installation sequence for large industrial fans?

1. Install the bottom plate

Install the bottom plate according to the installation position, the two sides of the bottom plate are equidistant, the bottom plate and the installation beam should cross vertically, and the upper surface of the back plate should be flat. Completely combine the installation pressure plate with the I-beam, and install the back plate. After leveling, fasten with high-strength bolts, and other fixing and installation methods all meet the same standard.

2. Install the host

The main body of a hvls ceiling fan is very heavy, so special attention should be paid when installing it. Use a level to measure the verticality of the rod to be installed at 90 degrees. When the beam itself has an inclination, the verticality can be adjusted through the half-moon bolt holes on the bottom plate and frame ears.

During installation, the upper and lower planes of the host should be kept level to ensure that the fan body sags naturally. Use a level to measure, and then tighten all fasteners. The bent part of the pressure plate must be pressed on the back plate to avoid loosening.

3. Install safety rope

The safety wire rope goes around the girder of the factory building, connects the fan host to the girder, and then locks it with the wire rope to enhance safety protection.

4. Install wires

First determine the fixed positions of the 4 steel wire zippers, move the lifting equipment to make holes, and then start to fix the steel wire ropes. When tightening the wire rope, the bolt main machine safety wire rope directly connects the main machine and the room beam. The wire rope should be of medium length, equidistant, symmetrical, and the force is even. Tighten the four wire ropes to adjust the large industrial fan. After tightening the wire rope clamp and the wire rope, thread fastening glue should be applied to prevent the wire rope from loosening after being stressed.

5. Host wiring, threaded cable

Do not scratch the surface of the cable. Do not cut the copper wire when stripping. First connect the black thin wires of the grounding wire, and then connect the colors one by one, and then wrap them with insulating tape to ensure safe operation of the product. Then take the cables out of the rack and route them according to the site conditions.

6. Install fan blades and logo

It is recommended that two people cooperate when installing the fan blades. Use high-strength hinged bolts to fix the fan blades, and install the fan blades diagonally to ensure uniform force. Do not scratch the surface of the fan blade and tighten the effect. After installing the fan blade, the two ends of the wire rope passing through the fan blade pass through the corresponding connecting bolt hole from bottom to top, the two rope heads are combined on the upper part of the leaf handle, and the corresponding wire rope clamp is used for locking and fixing. The wire rope cutter can cut the excess wire rope.

7. Install the fan blade safety ring

When installing the fan blade connecting plate, when connecting the two connecting plates together, one end of the one-shaped hole faces down, and one end of the round hole faces up. Use high-strength bolts to install in order, and then form a ring to connect all the blades. Connect each other, and then apply thread fastening glue to ensure the reliable operation of large industrial fans.

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