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Do Industrial Large Fans Remove Formaldehyde Effectively?
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Do Industrial Large Fans Remove Formaldehyde Effectively?

With the changes of the times and the improvement of consumer aesthetics, major shopping malls and stores are constantly upgrading their overall image strategy, which is inseparable from re-decoration. The formaldehyde problem caused by re-decoration has always plagued the management staff, because shopping malls are not better than home improvement, and can live for one year. If shopping malls want to increase the return on investment, they must reduce the waiting period for formaldehyde emission. In this way, how to quickly remove formaldehyde has become a crucial issue. So, are industrial fans effective in removing formaldehyde?

The ceiling, wallpaper, putty, and board in the decoration all contain formaldehyde. The methods of removing formaldehyde include natural ventilation, chemical reaction, physical adsorption, biological absorption, photocatalyst decomposition, etc. Among them, natural ventilation is more economical and more efficient. The industrial large fan can realize the indoor air circulation without dead corners, discharge the formaldehyde into the room, bring fresh air into the room continuously, realize the air circulation, and cooperate with the shopping mall fresh air system to run simultaneously, which can reduce the high cost of air conditioning.

How does an industrial large fan drive a large area of indoor air flow and complete the overall air circulation in the mall? This needs to be attributed to its unique fan blade design-wing-shaped fan blades, which can drive air flow in a space more than 6 times its diameter. When encountering obstacles or horizontal airflow, it can flow upwards to the roof. Complete the 360° cycle to discharge the indoor formaldehyde and bring in the fresh outdoor air. What's even more incredible is that a single 7.3-meter-diameter large industrial fan consumes only 1.5KW/H, which has truly achieved the energy-saving goal and can be operated throughout the year.

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