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Do You Need Industrial Fans in Winter? The Role of Industrial Fans in Winter
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Do You Need Industrial Fans in Winter? The Role of Industrial Fans in Winter

We know that industrial fans are used in factories, warehouses and other places very much in the summer. Because industrial fans, which has a great effect, can provide people with three-dimensional natural wind in hot weather, and can also help remove peculiar smells in the warehouse. Time goes by, people start to have a question about whether industrial fans are needed in winter? What are the functions of industrial fans in winter? The following are some functions and maintenance techniques of industrial fans for sale, I hope it will be helpful to you.

1. Improve the utility of heating performance

Although there is a heating mechanism in winter, if its desired effect is not achieved, it is also very troublesome. At this time, industrial fans can be used to help improve the heating performance, because when they run at low speeds, they will bring warm air gathered on the top of the building down, which will mix with cool air on the ground to reduce heat loss. The use of large industrial fans in winter is to take advantage of the fan's ability to effectively eliminate heat and cold stratification. It can improve the utility of heating energy and exert a greater effect.


2. Remove formaldehyde

People who have decorated will encounter a very difficult problem-formaldehyde. Inhaling different concentrations of formaldehyde will cause different degrees of harm to our body. It may cause the problems from mild allergies and skin irritation to severe immunity, weakened resistance and neurasthenia and it may even cause leukemia. So we must remove formaldehyde seriously. One of the methods that can quickly remove formaldehyde is using giant industrial fans, which can be placed in the room to increase air convection and improve the ventilation effect by moving the head mode. However, attention should be paid to when we place the fan and we should make the fan face the windows, which can quickly promote the rapid release of formaldehyde.


3. Refresh indoor air

Industrial fans are often used in logistics and warehousing in winter. At the moment of the epidemic, the use of industrial fans will produce three-dimensional natural winds of 1-3 levels. Under the action of natural winds, they will continuously agitate the indoor air and drive the air to flow, which can make the indoor air constantly exchange with fresh air to ensure indoor dryness and freshness. Coupled with the disinfection of disinfectant water and alcohol, the disinfection effect of logistics and storage can be brought to the limit. Two-pronged approach not only reduces the virus concentration to a relatively low level, but also saves the company's human and material resources and makes the company's virus prevention measures even better!


4. Environmental dehumidification

In winter, the ground or other indoor environment is easy to get wet. For the human body, a humid environment will create a damp and cold phenomenon. For materials or products, materials are easy to be deformed by moisture, which will become the reason of customer complaints. The emergence of industrial fans has solved this problem. It obviously strengthens the air flow and controls the condensation of air on the ground or metal surface. It can make the environment cleaner, drier, more comfortable and safer, which is very advantageous to both human and products.

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