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Factory Ceiling Fan Manufacturer Teaches You How to Maintain the Factory Ceiling Fan
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Factory Ceiling Fan Manufacturer Teaches You How to Maintain the Factory Ceiling Fan

The factory ceiling fan bears the important mission of "manufacturing" fresh air in various industrial fields. Therefore, the factory ceiling fan manufacturer informs all users to pay attention to proper maintenance work under a long service life. Only through good daily maintenance can the factory ceiling fan be more guaranteed to “not strike” in the process of work. Next, professional factory ceiling fan manufacturers will teach you how to maintain the factory ceiling fans.

How to maintain the factory ceiling fan?

1. Visual inspection of the operation state of the fan; The factory ceiling fan manufacturer said that in daily use process, the user can visually check the operation state of the fan to find out whether there is any abnormal problem. For example, the speed of the fan is suddenly slow or fast or it is always stuck. At this time, it is necessary to pay attention to the possible failure of the factory ceiling fan, and check whether there is bolt looseness or foreign matters through inspection. This problem can be solved by sticking and tightening the bolt to remove the foreign matters;

2. The blade maintenance of the factory ceiling fan; The factory ceiling fan manufacturer thinks that the fan blade is an important part of the whole fan, and it is also the place that needs to be maintained most in daily life. In the long-term use process, it is inevitable that all kinds of dust will be stuck on the fan blade. To prevent the accumulation of the dust, which will affect the rotation of the fan blade, it is necessary to carry out timely cleaning treatment, which can be dismantled by removing the fan blade and appropriate scrubbing, generally using a rag with clean water;

3. Use of knobs; In the normal use of factory ceiling fans, it is often necessary to adjust the knob. The factory ceiling fan manufacturer said that when adjusting the knob position, the user should not move too fast, and should not press two keys at the same time, so as to avoid the heating of the factory ceiling fan or the burning phenomenon caused by the untimely reaction;

4. Circuit inspection: In case of abnormal burning smell caused by unstable rotation speed of industrial fan during use, there may be line instability or short circuit. The factory ceiling fan manufacturer suggests to cut off the power supply immediately and carry out a gradual inspection to see where the circuit point appears or whether the fan parts are burned out, and then replace them;

The above is the factory ceiling fan factory tutor how to maintain the factory ceiling fan in daily use. In addition, in the use process of the factory ceiling fan, users need to pay attention to whether the building structure where the fan is installed is firm, whether the lubricating oil level of the gearbox is in good condition, etc. Generally, the factory ceiling fan factory with good quality will inform the users of corresponding daily maintenance measures when the fan leaves the factory. And users only need to carry out the corresponding work to reduce the occurrence of problems in the use process, according to the maintenance measures provided by the manufacturer.

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