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Factory ceiling fans are superior to other cooling products
High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) Fan
HVLS fans are designed to circulate the air in your facility more efficiently and effectively. They now are found in a wide variety of industrial, commercial and agricultural spaces.
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Factory ceiling fans are superior to other cooling products

Factory ceiling fans have gradually emerged in the cooling equipment of many factories of Volkswagen. Recently, Internet publicity and video reports are all about the news of factory ceiling fans, which are all easy for use. What are the advantages of factory ceiling fans?

Personnel cooling

The natural breeze generated by the ceiling fan in the factory blows on the human body, promotes the evaporation of sweat to take away heat, and makes the human body cool, bringing the feeling of cooling. Usually, this cooling feeling can reach 5-8℃. The three-dimensional natural wind-blown by the super large energy-saving fan is more comfortable because: on the one hand, the three-dimensional blowing to the human body in all directions makes the evaporation area of the human body reach the maximum; on the other hand, the reason is that the human body has accumulated the cordial experience of the natural wind in the nature. Once the natural wind changes, the human body will feel extremely comfortable and cool.

Natural ventilation

In the previous ventilation scheme, we often decide which product and quantity to use according to the ventilation frequency of the space. In a small space, this effect is so obvious that you can even see the steam of the bathroom quickly discharged to the outside of the house with the operation of the negative pressure fan. However, in the large and wide enclosed space, the effect of ventilation is not obvious: the smoke, moisture, carbon dioxide and poor quality air with large proportion are still concentrated at the bottom of the building, and the negative pressure fan on the roof is useless for the air in every corner, where the personnel and equipment are.

Desiccant moisture

Super large factory ceiling fans can solve this problem: the advantage is that it is direct and effective! It promotes air mixing throughout the space. Other benefits are the elimination of birds and bedbugs, as well as the avoidance of noise, moisture and other decay caused by other ventilation schemes.

Energy saving effect

A factory ceiling fan with a diameter of 7.3m covers an area of about 50 small fans with a diameter of 0.75m. For example, in a 9000 square meter factory, if you want to achieve full coverage, you need about 300 small fans, while only 6 ceiling fans are needed in the factory. According to the usage of 4 years, 8 months a year and 10 hours a day, the total operation time is about 10000 hours, power consumption is 90000KW·h, small fans is 1080000KW·h, energy saving is 990000 KW·h, and energy saving is 92%! It can save more than 30% energy, when it is used with air conditioner.

Oversize coverage

The reason why the super large energy-saving fan can cover such a large area depends on the unique streamlined blade design, which can reduce the resistance to the minimum and convert the highest efficiency of electric energy into the kinetic energy of air. In addition, the airflow structure of the fan is different from that of the ordinary small fan. The small fan can only cover the diameter range of the fan, while the super large energy-saving fan first pushes the airflow vertically to the ground, and then forms a 1-3m-high airflow layer on the ground, thus forming a large coverage area not limited to the bottom of the super large energy-saving fan.

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