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How to Choose Industrial Fans?
High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) Fan
HVLS fans are designed to circulate the air in your facility more efficiently and effectively. They now are found in a wide variety of industrial, commercial and agricultural spaces.
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How to Choose Industrial Fans?

1.Check whether the motor head and the whole machine part of the huge industrial fan will shake or not when the huge industrial fan is in the low and medium speed gear, especially in the high speed gear. At the same time,  listen to the motor head part carefully to check whether the huge industrial fan has abnormal noises or not (except the wind noise), and whether the noise of the industrial fan is acceptable or not.

2. Use hands or other instruments to sense the heat of the front housing of the huge industrial fan after a long time of high-speed rotation (at least for 1 hour). If you feel very hot, it means that the heat dissipation performance of the huge industrial fan motor is not good. In the long-term use, if the motor temperature rise is too high, it will be easy to cause the huge industrial fans to stop rotating or burn the motor.

3. Look at the speed, power, air volume, noise and other parameters of huge industrial fans. In theory, the speed, power, air volume and noise of huge industrial fans are directly proportional, that is to say, the higher the speed, power and air volume of industrial fan, the greater the noise and the better the cooling effect of local ventilation. But there is a big gap in the measurement of speed, power, air volume, noise and other parameters of different brands of huge industrial fan. In fact, it is difficult to make an accurate horizontal comparison. Therefore, we can only feel it according to our life experience.

4. See whether the swing head will pause intermittently when the huge industrial fan rotates left and right at high speed, and see whether the swing head is in place or not.

5. Safety performance: check whether the front and rear nets of the huge industrial fan adopt the dense net design, and whether the overall structure of the product is reasonable (the huge industrial fan with dense nets has better safety performance to use). Ask whether the huge industrial fan is equipped with overheat protector, and whether it will automatically power off when the motor of the huge industrial fan is accidentally stuck.

6. There are 3 kinds of materials for the motor of huge industrial fan, including copper wire, aluminum wire, copper-clad aluminum. The motor with aluminum wire or copper-clad aluminum used for miscellaneous FVLS fans has the worst heat dissipation performance. When the FVLS fan is running at high speed, the motor with excessive temperature rise is most likely to be burned. The best industrial ceiling fans are definitely made of 100% standard copper wire and silicon steel sheet, which have the best heat dissipation performance, lower temperature rise and longer service life.

7. There are four kinds of industrial fan blade materials: ordinary plastic fan blade, aluminum fan blade, iron fan blade and ABS plastic fan blade. These four kinds of fan blade materials have their own advantages and disadvantages. However, it is recommended to use ABS plastic fan blade in many places, because the wind it blows out is very cool, natural and fresh, while the wind from aluminum fan blade or iron fan blade is very strong and uncomfortable for people.

8. There are 3 kinds of front and rear shell materials of industrial fan, including aluminum, copper and iron. Copper or iron front and rear shell of ordinary industrial fans have poor heat dissipation performance, while aluminum front and rear shell of high-grade FVLS fans have much stronger heat dissipation performance, which effectively extends the service life of industrial fans.

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