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How to Solve the Problem of High Temperature in Steel Structure Plant
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High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) Fan
HVLS fans are designed to circulate the air in your facility more efficiently and effectively. They now are found in a wide variety of industrial, commercial and agricultural spaces.

How to Solve the Problem of High Temperature in Steel Structure Plant

The main load-bearing components of a steel-framed factory are made of steel, including steel columns, steel beams, steel foundations, steel roof truss and steel roofs. Due to the increase in steel production in China, many industrial and civil buildings are now constructed of steel, which are called steel structures. The characteristics of a steel structure factory building are: light weight, high strength and large span.

It is a typical large space structure production workshop. This kind of workshop can be more than ten meters high, and its air conditioning equipment is difficult to ventilate and cool down, and very energy-consuming. Using the giant industrial fan can be very good for solving this problem. Large industrial fan is a kind of energy-saving industrial ceiling fan specially used in enterprise factory buildings and large storage centers. The installation of a specialized industrial fan can save enterprise costs, save energy and reduce emission, wich responds to the call of the state for environmental protection.

The working principle of industrial large fans:

The industrial large fans is used to quickly discharge the hot air and odor from the plant outside through the principle of negative pressure air convection. This is the principle of the cooling process, which reduces the indoor temperature to the same level as the outdoor temperature. This cooling method makes people feel cool and comfortable, mainly due to the movement of air in the room as the large industrial fan rotates, and steel building become a workplace with ventilation and fresh air.

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