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Installation Tutorial of the Giant Industrial Fan
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Installation Tutorial of the Giant Industrial Fan

Summer is here and many new factories and other new buildings need to be ready to cool down. At present, in addition to air conditioning, industrial fans are also a very good choice, after all, air conditioning uses a lot of electricity.

Giant industrial fans have the characteristics of good cooling and strong ventilation effect, and are increasingly being used by the majority of factory owners. Today, Gaxiao is here to explain how to install a huge industrial fan.

1. Before industrial fan installation, manufacturers should provide installation and maintenance and other technical documents, equipment factory documents, certification, warranty, in-plant test reports, etc., the main parts and materials and materials of class description documents.

2. Installation technical and construction personnel should have a detailed understanding of the industrial fan data provided by supplying manufacturers. They should know the structure, technical performance and key points of attention of the fan. Draw up reasonable construction procedures and methods for the machine.

3. Before installation, the rust, mud, sand and other debris inside the industrial large fans and the base must be cleaned to make the surface clean and smooth. Four screws will be used to fix the four corners of the fan after holes are made by civil construction workers.

4. The installation position is the logistics channel of welding workshop, there will be 5.6m from the ground color steel plate wall, and the corresponding hole need to be opened by civil construction workers.

5. Scaffolding is set up at the site for the operation platform. After getting on the diving board, the person hangs the fan on the platform with ropes.

6. The installation of the huge industrial fan should comply with the following regulations: the impeller should rotate smoothly and stay at the same position every time after stopping; the anchor bolts of the fixed crane should be tightened and there should be anti-loosening measures.

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