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Industrial Fan,Exhaust Fan and Central Air Conditioning Which is more Suitable for the Factory
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Industrial Fan,Exhaust Fan and Central Air Conditioning Which is more Suitable for the Factory

Many manufacturers have been a headache -  industrial fans, exhaust fans and central air conditioning which is more suitable  in summer? This can be a problem for manufacturers who don't really understand industrial fans. Now, I will use my professional knowledge to summarize the industrial fans, exhaust fans and central air conditioning in the installation area, cooling effect, price and other aspects of the comparison, so that we can better determine which is more suitable.

air cool industrial ceiling fans
1. Installation Area
First of all, from the installation area, to meet the large area of the cooling demand:1.central air conditioning certainly not, the number will be very large, the initial investment has been difficult for many people to accept, if in the long run, the central air conditioning late operation cost is too high;2.while traditional fan,exhaust fan as ventilated equipment, installation not only complex, and have ventilated effect only, the effect of droping temperature is not ideal;air cool industrial ceiling fans 7.3 meters in diameter single cooling area can cover 1500-2000 square meters, the air volume can reach 13600 CBM per minute, under the unified area, the number of industrial fans required is small!

2. Cooling Effect
The effect of central air conditioning is self-evident, if the enterprise pursues the effect, then central air conditioning is a good choice, but usually the enterprise hardly uses central air conditioning in the large area of the factory building, why?
1. Either the investment in the early stage or the energy consumption in the later stage are very large, the general enterprise will not choose;
2. Traditional fans, exhaust fans and other equipment only have the effect of ventilation, and the cooling effect is not obvious;
3. Industrial fan, able to quickly reduce the body temperature of 4-6 ℃, and increased human body comfort, give employees a comfortable and dry environment.

3. Price
If calculated according to the overall installation cost and operation cost:
1 central air conditioner can be directly passed off;
2. Because the installation of fans is troublesome, holes need to be drilled. If the area is too large, the number will increase correspondingly.
3. However, although a single air cool industrial ceiling fan is sold at a higher price, both the installation cost and the later operation cost are very low. Comparatively speaking, the energy-saving and environment-friendly industrial fan is the most economical cooling equipment

The above three aspects we can fully see that the central air conditioning is not suitable for most manufacturers because of it’s high cost, and the exhaust fan because of it’s cumbersome installation, bad cooling effect, is not suitable for most manufacturers. Industrial fan is totally opposite in these two respects, price moderate, installation is convenient, cooling effect is good, accord with the requirement of manufacturer. All in all, it’s the best choice to choose air cool industrial ceiling fans ( #hvls fan #high volume low speed fan #industrial ceiling fan #ceiling industrial fan)for cooling and ventilation.

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