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Industrial HVLS Large Ceiling Fan - Permanent Magnet Motor Analysis
High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) Fan
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Industrial HVLS Large Ceiling Fan - Permanent Magnet Motor Analysis

When it comes to large area ventilation and cooling, industrial fans must be the best choice.It has been more than ten years since MACROAIR produced and launched the world's first industrial fan in 2000. Over these years, electric motors have been made huge breakthrough, from using traditional speed reduction motors, to the more advanced and portable BLDC brushless dc motors, finally producing the more efficient, more energy-saving, ultra-silent permanent magnet synchronous motors.

Cause permanent magnet fans are not well known, so let's learn about what is permanent magnet motor.

Electrical Machine is essentially an energy conversion device (Electrical energy and mechanical energy can be exchanged), including electric motors and generators.Of course, industrial fans use the most commonly used electric motors.

By making a simple electric motor consisting of a battery, a screw, a wire, a magnet and fan blades, the fan blades can be turned on.

What is the relationship between magnet and permanent magnet motor?Permanent magnet motor is made of magnets, but the name magnet is not high enough, the technical term is generally called "permanent magnet".In this simple motor, we use something called an electromagnet, also known as a magnet, which is a naturally magnetized stone in nature, which can magically pick up small pieces of iron and always point in the same direction after swinging at will.

The great physical scientist andre-marie Ampere (1775-1836) is no stranger to his Ampere's law, which provides an in-depth summary of how electricity generates magnetism.

Then Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction, the representative of experimental physicists, revealed the mystery of how magnetism produces electricity.

So what is a permanent magnet synchronous motor?

The ampere's law tells us that magnetic fields are essentially generated by electric currents, and we want magnetic fields to interact with each other, so as long as there's a current, it's a natural idea to think about: can one of the two magnetic fields be generated by a coil?Of course, that's what permanent magnet synchronous motors do.

After continuous development and maturity, the windings of a classic permanent magnet synchronous motor are as follows:

The 3-phase winding is arranged at an electrical Angle of 120° in space, and the three-phase alternating current with phase difference of 120° is respectively transmitted in the winding.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of permanent magnet synchronous motor?

Expensive rare earth elements are used in the manufacture of permanent magnet motors, so motor costs must be relatively high.

Because the permanent magnet material is afraid of high temperature, the motor has the risk of demagnetization in the case of high temperature, vibration and overcurrent.

The high-temperature resistance grade of permanent magnet motor can be divided into:

N series, 80 °;H series, 120 °;SH series, over 150 ℃ .In addition, abnormal heat dissipation device of the motor leads to high temperature of the motor, Excessive ambient temperature;the motor without equipping with temperature protection device;Unreasonable motor design and other factors can lead to demagnetization of the motor.

In order to solve these problems, Jiangsu GAXIAO allied with tsinghua university and zhejiang university to deal with these problems, developed the PMSM permanent magnet synchronous motor - “Battle axe” series .

GX HVLS FAN permanent magnet fan high temperature class: SH series, more than 150  ℃.

In addition to the fully enclosed structure on the side part of the motor, the hollow structure on the upper part and the lower part provides excellent heat dissipation effect:

Jiangsu GAXIAO research and develop the permanent magnet motor application of good motor design, temperature management, testing and manufacturing technology. So that the motor is high efficiency , energy saving, high speed , precision , reliability and other aspects of the unique advantages, GX fan is the real high-quality industrial fans.

So, what is the actual operation effect of GX HVLS industrial large fan permanent magnet “Battle axe” series? Please refer to the following parameter table:

Like 7.3 meters diameter fans, work covers the area of 1800 square meters, what is this concept: as in the 40 meters from the center of a fan you still can feel the cool wind blast, this is jiangsu GAXIAO big fan industrial power and charm of the large scope for you to send cool and refreshing, truly realizing large ventilation cooling.

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