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Motor and Fan Blade Maintenance
High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) Fan
HVLS fans are designed to circulate the air in your facility more efficiently and effectively. They now are found in a wide variety of industrial, commercial and agricultural spaces.
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Motor and Fan Blade Maintenance

Before maintaining the motor and fan blades, we need to check the motor first. Pull out all kinds of power plug first, check the motor everywhere whether the line is smooth, the connection of the line there is no disconnect or short circuit. Also need to pay attention to one point for industrial large fan motor and fan blade also need to check, of course, it is necessary to unplug the connection head everywhere first.

Maintenance method 1: tighten every screw in the motor. Because the machine in the use of the process is a certain vibration, the screw may also be loose, if the loose screw is not tightened, is likely to cause a safety hazard.
Maintenance method 2: there are some insulation resistance in the motor, these resistance should also check whether it works, especially at the contact of the resistance.

Maintenance method three: the wind valve and the internal parts of the machine connected, these connections are easy to loose phenomenon, if there is a screw off, to be replaced in time.

Maintenance method 4: because the fan leaf is exposed to the outside for a long time during use, it is easy to be contaminated with dust, so it needs regular dust cleaning.

Ways to replace the seal on NORD motor:

First: loosen the nut at the joint, then carefully lift the motor so that the dirve pinion and the drive gear are not damaged.

Second: remove the gasket,remove any residue and clean the two sealing surfaces.

Third: clean the up and down surface.

Fourth:screw two threaded bolts into the gear unit.

Fifth: carefully place a new gasket and check that it is properly seated.

Sixth: slowly,begin to assemble the motor, and shortly before it makes contact with the sealing surface,hold the motor slightly tilted, so that the gears can mesh without damage.

Seventh:assemble the screws and spring washers so that they are finger tight, finally tighten all screws diagonally with a torque wrench.
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