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High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) Fan
HVLS fans are designed to circulate the air in your facility more efficiently and effectively. They now are found in a wide variety of industrial, commercial and agricultural spaces.
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Our Team

As the pioneering team technician director of HVLS fan, Randy has worked in this industry for 12 years. He has participated and led in First generation Reduced motor HVLS fan to 7th generation, and now permanent magnetic fan, commercial fan, Mobile fan, explosion-proof fan and so on.

He uses most of his time on the fans researching, cannot bear any of flaw. Before we ship, he and his team test and record the fans one by one. After customers receive, if there is any problem, he could know how to solve soon.

Because of Randy Concentration, Jiangsu Gaxiao has become Chinese one of the largest HVLS fan manufacturers, in the future, we will still on the way to put 40% profit every year on the researching, bring more new products and upgrade our fans every year.
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The Operation Safety of the HVLS Fan Blade
The safety performance of industrial ceiling fan is the first consideration of all customers, and the safety of hvls fan is mainly caused by the blade. The blade safety of industrial ceiling fan is ma...
FEBRAVA, founded in 1979, is held in Sao Paulo, Brazil every two years. It is a large professional exhibition of refrigeration, ventilation, air conditioning and heating in South America.It is organiz...
HVLS Fan Installation Requirements
Fan Mounting Configurations:1. purlin mounting2. I-beam mounting3. Direct beam mounting (wooden/concrete)Installation of hvls fan and control package should only be performed by a qualified profession...
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