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Safety Precautions for Large Industrial Cooling Fans
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Safety Precautions for Large Industrial Cooling Fans

In hot summer, the temperature is high in the large industrial plant, the ventilation is poor, and the heat dissipation is not very good. If you work in this environment for a long time, you will feel uncomfortable, and the work efficiency will be greatly reduced, and even more serious, people will faint. The cost of air conditioning cooling is amazing. With the cooperation of industrial fans and air conditioners, the indoor air can be fully mixed. If parts of the air conditioners are turned off, the unit will save a lot of power and have at least 25% skills. Of course, the installation of large industrial cooling fans can improve this phenomenon, reduce the temperature in the plant, improve the ventilation situation and improve the work efficiency. Strong environment ventilation, cool in spring and autumn, comfortable in summer and winter, once input, lifelong benefit. There are many hidden dangers in the production and manufacture of modern industrial fans, and there are also various problems in the use and installation of the equipment itself.

1. Main sources of danger

The cause and process of danger are liable to cause accidents

(1) The performance of large industrial cooling fans does not meet the requirements, and no protective measures are taken, resulting in electricity leakage.

(2) Large industrial cooling fans were not repaired in time, and insulation resistance was not measured regularly, resulting in damage to the edge damage and people’s contacting with live parts.

(3) The protective screen cover of large industrial cooling fans is damaged or the mesh hole is too large, and the personnel accidentally touch the rotating fan blade into the screen cover with fingers.

(4) Conducting illegal operations in inflammable and explosive places and generating sparks or static electricity will usually cause explosion or fire.

2. Accidental fall of a fan or blade through multiple safety measures

(1) After the fan hanger of large industrial cooling fans is bolted to the steel structure roof, and additional steel wire rope is wound between the H-beam steel and the hanger of the roof.

(2) The frame of the motor and reducer is extended with 4 wire ropes connected to the roof, which can not only idle the vibration of the fan during operation, but also provide double protection.

3. Emergency handling in case of accidents

(1) The large industrial fan should be turned off immediately and guaranteed.

(2) If there is an electric shock, turn off the power switch immediately, rescue the electric shock, and protect the accident site.

(3) In case of large industrial fan injury, treatment should be done immediately, such as dressing and hemostasis, to prevent infection and then sent to the hospital immediately.

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