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Several Maintenance Methods to Prolong the Service Life of Big Fan Industrial Motor
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Several Maintenance Methods to Prolong the Service Life of Big Fan Industrial Motor

In order to ensure the normal operation of big fan industrial motor, in addition to the normal use according to the operating rules, pay attention to the normal monitoring and maintenance in the process of operation, regular inspection should also be carried out to do a good job in motor maintenance, so as to eliminate some faults in time, prevent the occurrence of faults, and ensure the safe and reliable operation of the motor.

The time interval for regular maintenance of big fan industrial can be determined according to the form of motor and the use environment. Before maintenance, we need to check the motor first. At this time, we need to pull down various power plugs. Check whether the lines of all parts of the motor are blocked, and whether there is disconnection or short circuit at the joints of the lines. Pay attention to the inspection of industrial big fan motor and fan blade, and of course, unplug the connecting lines of all parts first.

Maintenance method one: tighten and strengthen each screw in the motor, because the machine vibrates during use, and the screw may also be loose. If the loose screw is not tightened, it is likely to cause safety hazards.

The second maintenance method of big fan industrial: there are some insulation resistances in the motor. These resistances should also be checked to see if they work, especially at the contact of the resistances, to see whether there are cracks on the fan blades. If there are cracks that are not replaced in time, the fan blades are easy to fly out in use due to the force.

Maintenance method three: the air valve is connected with multiple parts inside the machine, which are also easy to loosen. If any screw falls off, it should be replaced in time.

The fourth maintenance method of big fan industrial: since the fan blade is exposed to the outside for a long time during use, it is easy to be stained with dust, so it should be well maintained.

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