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The Difference between Single-phase and Three-phase Motors
High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) Fan
HVLS fans are designed to circulate the air in your facility more efficiently and effectively. They now are found in a wide variety of industrial, commercial and agricultural spaces.
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The Difference between Single-phase and Three-phase Motors

We hear a lot about two-compartment motors and three-phase motors, or two-phase or three-phase, what do we mean by three-phase?What is three-phase electricity?What's the difference with one phase electricity?

3-phase transmission line

Three-phase electricity refers to U, V and W, that is, three hot wires, a hot wire is called a phase, three-phase motor between phase and phase is 380V, the voltage between phase and zero line is 220v, and the use of three-phase wire access motor is three-phase motor. In addition to three-phase motors, there are also single-phase motors, namely, one with a live wire, which are somewhat different from each other. The voltage of single-phase motors is 220v, and the power of the motors is also low due to the low voltage, so the single-phase motors are generally not used for production, but only for civil use.The motor used in industrial production is generally three-phase motor, because the industrial motor power is large, generally is on the kilowatt, and such power single-phase motor is not up to.If use a single-phase motor to generate several kilowatts of power, you need to add some devices in the middle to complete, generally add capacitor can, but this will bring inconvenience to industrial production.The basic difference between three-phase motors and single-phase motors is that they use different power sources. One needs to use three-phase electricity, while the other USES a phase electricity.

For GX Fan, 220V&380V, you can choose either voltage.

Totally summarized as follows:

Single phase power is:
– Used in most homes and small businesses
– Able to supply ample power for most smaller customers, including homes and small, non-industrial businesses
– Adequate for running motors up to about 5 horsepower; a single phase motor draws significantly more current than the equivalent 3-phase motor, making 3-phase power a more efficient choice for industrial applications

3-phase power is:

– Common in large businesses, as well as industry and manufacturing around the globe
– Increasingly popular in power-hungry, high-density data centers
– Expensive to convert from an existing single phase installation, but 3-phase allows for smaller, less expensive wiring and lower voltages, making it safer and less expensive to run
– Highly efficient for equipment designed to run on 3-phase

GX Fan can suit for both 220V &380V.

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