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What Aspects Should Be Paid Attention to in the Selection of Industrial Fans?
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What Aspects Should Be Paid Attention to in the Selection of Industrial Fans?

Industrial fans are used in many places such as basketball stadiums, stations, warehouses, etc. Good industrial fans can not only cool down and dehumidify, but also promote indoor air circulation. Then, how can we buy good industrial fans? What aspects do we need to pay attention to when choosing industrial fans? Today, I will discuss this issue with you, hoping to help you.

1. Focus point of choosing industrial fans

(1) Motor

The motors of big industrial fans are mainly divided into geared motors and permanent magnet synchronous motors. Among the geared motors, the German Nord motor is more selected. The permanent magnet synchronous motors are independently produced by the fan manufacturers, and their energy consumption, noise, volume, and heat are better than geared motors. Therefore, whether you choose a geared motor or a permanent magnet synchronous motor, you need to consider the aspects of energy consumption, noise, etc., and make a comprehensive judgment.

(2) Fan blade

Fan blade material. The material of large industrial fan blades is mainly divided into aviation-grade aluminum plate or low-grade aluminum. Aviation-grade aluminum has higher strength and flexibility, is not easy to break, and has a longer service life. When choosing, you can pay attention to whether the material can meet certain requirements. If not, it is recommended that you do not to choose this kind.

Fan shape. Large-scale industrial fan blades mainly include variable cross-section streamlined blades and equal-width blades. The design of variable cross-section streamlined blades is more suitable to the dynamic principle, and the air flow is more uniform and the air volume is larger. The pressure distribution is more even and the fan blade is not easy to break. And the service life is longer.


(3) Connection method of each component

The components of large industrial fans are mainly divided into tenon-and-mortise joints and non- tenon-and-mortise joints. The tenon-and-mortise joints make this fan safer. The tenon-and-mortise structure is a concave-convex connection method used on two components. This structure does not show the strength of the individuals, but combines and supports each other, so that the industrial fan can withstand huge operating force during operation. Therefore, the safety of industrial fans can be effectively guaranteed.


(4) Suitable installation space height

Large industrial fans need to be installed in a space higher than 4.5 meters. Different types of fans are suitable for different installation heights, which should refer to the range given by each manufacturer. The fan blades of the fan need to be more than 0.3 meters away from lights, navigation vehicles or obstacles. In addition, the installation of industrial fans also needs to pay attention to the distance between the wind blade level and the roof, and the distance between the wind blade level and the ground, etc., so that a more suitable installation height can be comprehensively judged.

(5) Length of extension rod

When the roof is far from the ground, in order to achieve the desired effect, an extension pole needs to be installed. The length of the extension pole is generally 0.4-2 meters. If the length of the extension rod is too long, it is easy to cause large industrial fans to be unstable in the air. If the installed extension rod is too short, the extension function will not meet the requirements. Therefore, the length of the extension rod also needs to be well measured. 


(6) Diameter

The diameter of the large industrial fan is 2.5-7.3 meters, and the blowing airflow coverage radius is 8-25 meters. According to the size of the space, multiple large industrial fans can be installed at the same time to achieve the ideal ventilation and cooling effect. But at this time, we must pay attention to the appropriateness. The installation of industrial fans is not as many as possible. Therefore, the number and size of industrial fans should be determined according to the space area.


2. Precautions for industrial fan selection

(1) Company size

Any manufacturer that manufactures industrial fans must have its own factory, otherwise it is a distributor, and it is not known what the quality of the industrial fans is. Of course, if there are only dozens of people in this company, it means that the company is relatively small. At this time, we can make a preliminary selection by looking at the company's scale.  

(2) After-sales service guarantee

For industrial products, in addition to looking at the quality of the product itself, we also need to pay attention to the after-sales service of the product. Perhaps the pre-sales staff will overpraise products. But if there is any problem, you may not find them. At this time, we have to look at the strength of large industrial energy-saving fan manufacturers and the feedback of market from the customers they serve.  

(3) Product quality

Regardless of which factory ventilation and cooling equipment industrial fan you choose, you must see if the quality inspection report of the equipment is complete. Don't look for three-no products( which means unbranded and dateless product by a nameless factory), so as not to affect the subsequent use. Generally, regular manufacturers will strictly control quality to ensure that the products can be used normally by factories.

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