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Why Giant Industrial Ceiling Fans Still Can Cover Large Area with Low Rotate Speed and  Small Power
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Why Giant Industrial Ceiling Fans Still Can Cover Large Area with Low Rotate Speed and Small Power

The comfort brought by super giant industrial ceiling fans is incomparable to other fans. Under the super giant industrial ceiling fans, you will feel the three-dimensional air supply from all sides, covering the whole body part, thus forming a natural-like breeze system. It not only has low speed and small power, but also covers a large area to ensure ventilation and dryness in the operation area. Why can giant industrial ceiling fans cover a large area with low speed and small power?

That the super giant industrial ceiling fan can cover such a large area owes to the unique streamline fan design, which can efficiently convert the electric energy into the kinetic energy of air.

In addition, the air flow structure of giant industrial ceiling fans is different from that of ordinary small fans. Small fans can only cover the range of fan diameter, while giant industrial ceiling fans first push the air flow vertically to the ground, and then form an air flow layer of 1-3m high on the ground, thus forming a large coverage area not limited to the bottom of giant industrial ceiling fans. In an open place, a giant industrial ceiling fan can even cover a large area of 1400㎡.

Compared with small fan:

The coverage area of a 7.3m diameter fan is approximately equal to the coverage area of 50 0.75m small fans. For example, in a 9000 square meter factory building, if you want to achieve coverage effect, you need about 300 small fans, and only 6 industrial energy-saving fans.

According to the calculation of 4 years, 8 months a year and 10 hours a day, the total operation time is about 10000 hours, power consumption is 90000kw · h. Compared with 1080000kw · h of small fan, energy saving is 990000 kW · h, that is 92%!

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