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High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) Fan
HVLS fans are designed to circulate the air in your facility more efficiently and effectively. They now are found in a wide variety of industrial, commercial and agricultural spaces.

Traditional HVLS Fan

GX traditional hvls fan has gone through 13 years, our lastest 8th generation uses German imported ABM motor, and Danfoss VFD, with highly safety parts.
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GX PMSM HVLS Fan with lastest IP65 PMSM motor technology, and 91% working efficiency, no any noise and maintenance.
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Commercial HVLS Fan

GX 600W Commercial PMSM fan, with longest 16ft fan blades, motor weight only 23kgs, have been largely welcomed by our distributors.
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Pole HVLS Fan

GX Pole fan, normally used for outdoor such as coffee shop, beach, Parking area, is totally waterproof.
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GX HVLS fans can reduce bacteria, moisture, and humidity. When employees spend too much time indoors, they often complain about stuffy, stagnant air and wish they could get outside to get some fresh air. Employees do not like stagnant indoor air because the hot, humid air creates unpleasant conditions. Still, as an employer, you should know that stagnant air is also unsafe.

A mechanical dehumidifier and a desiccant heat pump system can be integrated to reduce the humidity and condensation in the building further. Eliminating moisture will also reduce the spread of airborne bacteria since high volumes of bacteria are found in water vapor and droplets suspended in the air.


HVLS fans cut down on humidity, moisture, and bacteria. GX Large high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) fans can reduce humidity, moisture, and bacteria while also operating more efficiently than conventional fans. By removing moisture and humidity, HVLS fans are able to improve air quality and make workers feel more comfortable. Humidity plays an important role in the perception of heat in a building, and cutting down on humidity is one of the best ways to keep the building comfortable. Those working in rooms cooled by HVLS fans perceive the temperatures to be 8 to 9 degrees cooler than what the actual temperature is.

Excessive moisture in the air not only makes you feel hot and uncomfortable, but it also can damage your warehouse. Excessive humidity causes condensation that also can cause mold growth and wood rot. The ideal range for humidity indoors is 30-50%.

HVLS fans not only increase air filtration rates and distribute air effectively, but also help lower humidity to reduce mold and mildew and indoor pollutant levels.

Maintain an even temperature with air circulation across your facility with GX HVLS Fans.


· Better air quality

· Lower moisture

· Less harmful bacteria

· Better productivity

· Less humidity

· Cleaner and healthier air

The best way to compare the stuffy and stagnant air to clean and well-circulated air is to think of a river. Rivers are often a much safer water source than a stagnant pond, which often requires extra efforts to clean. The same is true for air. When well circulated, the air will be cleaner, safer, and have less humidity.

Here are some of the plusses that you will experience using HVLS fans:

· Energy savings: Move a lot of air without using a lot of power.

· Improved productivity: Comfortable workers are productive workers.

· Better indoor air quality: Reduce opportunities for
mold, dust and dangerous fumes to take hold.

· Safer conditions: If your floor is a concrete slab, you know how dangerous and slippery moisture buildup can be. HVLS fans promote evaporation.

Why HVLS Fans Make You Feel Cooler (or Warmer)

A working HVLS fan exerts a powerful influence on both air velocity and humidity, two factors that influence thermal comfort. No fan, whether it’s an HVLS fan or a conventional high-speed fan, actually changes the temperature of the air.

The primary way HVLS fans work is by creating a breeze that results in an evaporative cooling effect. As the air moves across a person’s skin, it causes small amounts of moisture to evaporate. As the moisture changes from liquid to ga***us form, the resulting phase change absorbs heat, and the person will feel cooler. In fact, the room can feel up to 7 degrees colder without lowering the thermostat — which can help you save significantly on cooling bills.

This evaporative effect also works to remove humidity from the air. Since humid air makes warm air feel hotter and cold air cooler, less humidity definitely helps make things more comfortable.

Finally, in wintertime the air in a large building often stratifies into layers. As the HVAC system pumps warm air into a room, it tends to rise and collect at the ceiling, leaving people at ground level cold. An HVLS fan gently mixes the layers of air to maintain a comfortable temperature without raising the heat.

Even though HVLS fans don’t directly heat or cool the air, they can make a space feel a LOT more comfortable for a fraction of the expense of pumping up the HVAC.


We all know that hot air rises and cool air falls so the temperature in any given facility will always tend to be warmer near the ceiling. In very large, open spaces such as a warehouses, barns and aviation hangars, the effect intensifies. It's not uncommon for the floor-to-ceiling temperature differential in a room with a 40-foot ceiling to reach 30 degrees or more. So, how can you quickly and effectively keep your facility cool and your people happy while also lowering your energy costs? The answer is industrial strength, high-volume low-speed or HVLS fans. These HVLS ceiling fans move slowly and distribute large amounts of air at low rotational speed.

GX HVLS FAN provides some of the best industrial HVLS fans on the market.

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